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11-Nov-2016 18:30

But, 22 percent of black men married someone outside of their race, compared to 9 percent of black women who did so.And white-black pairings overall only made up 11 percent of those 2008 interracial marriages. The Pew Center found that almost all millennials — 18 to 29-year-olds — are accepting of interracial dating and marriage, and this trend holds true of almost every racial group with no significant difference between them.Washington Redskins player Albert Haynesworth has been indicted on one charge of sexual abuse after a Feb.13 incident at the W Hotel, in which he allegedly fondled a cocktail waitress’ breast.And they hang out so much together, I don’t see either one nearly as much as I used to.Whereas before I was the connection between them, they’re now closer to one another, in some ways more than they are with me, and I’m having trouble finding my place in this new dynamic. Beforehand, I made each of them pinky swear to keep me out of the loop because my brother was a serial dumper and the friend was the kind of person who NEVER LISTENED WHEN YOU TOLD HER THAT MY BROTHER WAS DEFINITELY GOING TO DUMP HER.They really come down to two individuals doing business in ways that we will never be privy to.My best friend just started dating a wonderful guy.

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He wrote last year that one big problem when talking about black men dating white women is the “kind of collectivist approach toward something as individual and private as marriage.” He continues: I’m a black dude hooked up with a black woman–but I don’t sleep with ‘black people.’ ‘Black people’ don’t pay half of my rent.I know that happened to me when my friend Barbara got a boyfriend.