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In 2005-2007, he studied at the Uzbekistan National University for master’s degree in journalism. Özbekistan, Devlet Dünya Dilleri Üniversitesi, Gazetecilik Fakültesinde (2001-2005) lisans eğitimi aldıktan sonra 2005-2007 yılları arasında Özbekistan Millî Üniversitesi, Gazetecilik Fakültesinde yüksek lisans eğitimini tamamlamıştır.

In 2013, he also won the International Golden Pen contest.

ABD, Almanya, Polonya ve Kazakistan’da mesleki gelişim hususunda tecrübe kazanmıştır.

Eylül 2001’den itibaren “Marifet” gazetesinde muhabir olarak çalışması ilk iş deneyimi olmuştur.

We know better than anyone the bleak places they’ve left behind. ’we cry with a kind of self-righteous indignation, and when the other side asks, ‘But why?

’ we give each other knowing looks and roll our eyes.

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2013 yılında gerçekleşen “Millî İnternet Seçimi”nde de galibiyet elde etmiştir.

Although the same precautions were taken with Semple's pink pigment, however, Kapoor still managed to get his hands on it and posted a picture of his middle finger dipped in the paint to his Instagram account with the caption Not admitting defeat, Semple then created the “world's most glittery glitter,” the “world's greenest green” and a even a cherry-scented version of Kapoor's own Vantablack.

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