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Before that scientists or philosophers would disregard stories about rocks fallen from the sky as tales or witchcraft.”Some ancient civilizations did appear to have made the connection.

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Jambon takes this one step further and believes that they were also harvesting their early iron from these celestial omens, and then trading some to Egypt.It has been thought, for example, that the iron used by the Egyptians came from an early smelting industry in Anatolia, where the Hittites may have started to work iron as early as 1500 B. Perhaps not coincidentally, some of the oldest records of meteors in the sky are found in cuneiform texts written in Hittite.As outlined by researcher Judith Kingston Bjorkman in a 1973 article, “Meteors and Meteorites in the Ancient Near East,” many of these descriptions were copies of even older records.The first step was to check the metallic makeup of known meteorites.

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He looked at 17 examples, but the most important was a 577-pound monster from the Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve in Poland.“My impression is that archaeologists could not believe that people from the Bronze Age knew about meteorites,” says Albert Jambon, from the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in France, who has for the past few years been investigating the idea.