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Georgia State University's English department offers a class about all things Kanye West.In the class, you'll learn about Yeezy's path to fame, and what it means about African American art and politics.Turn your creativity up – students have tapped into inspiration from their own lives coming up with apps that manage lab experiments or keep track of their food choices at the dining hall, fo r example. You don't have to go to Stanford to take it —download it on i Tunes U for free!course at Michigan State University features a simulation where you're divided into groups and tasked with figuring out how to survive the recent zombie pandemic.Now you can get college credit for doing what you already spend all your time doing—trolling the interweb!

trolling dating sites drawing of a girl-40

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It's more than just taking your average phone selfie, though.

Oh, and the course includes guest speakers, so who knows—maybe J. from "Disney tween to twerking machine" and why the media is so obsessed with her, focusing on her public image and music as it has changed over time through the lenses of race, gender, media, and even Blasting Beyonce albums isn't just for study breaks anymore!

Rutgers Univerity's newest Department of Women's and Gender Studies class, "Feminist Perspectives: Politicizing Beyonce," pairs the pop star's songs and music videos with writing from pioneers in the black feminist movement, like Sojourner Truth and Alice Walker.

"It took me about two weeks of class to be able to catch my own wave, but after that it was pretty easy! If you've ever dreamed of seeing what kinds of creatures and treasures are really down in the ocean, then this class is for you.

Although buying your own mask, fins, snorkel, and wet suit boots can get pricey, the skills you'll learn make it totally worth it!

You'll learn the difference between ice cream and "frozen desserts Have the urge to release your inner Tarzan?