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So I feel bad for Jenna, given the recent breakup with Zach.. How the 69-year-old grandmother of 10 whos been modelling since 15 still. Your ex Zach Nichols recently appeared on the latest season of The Challenge Battle of the Exes with his another ex of his Jonna (both seen to. and she had to endure the abuse from Zach and Frank for the weeks. Are Challenge couple Zach Nichols and Jenna Compono still together? So naturally we wanted to spend more time together and we did just that. I dont know what to do, and I cant explain to her why Im pulling back, because I dont really want to pull back.The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II is the 26th season of MTV's reality game show, The Challenge, and the sequel to the show's 22nd season, Battle of the Exes. , this season marks the first to feature cast members from a show not produced by Bunim-Murray Productions. Lavin explains that a team must complete the Final Challenge in order to get paid.Filming occurred in Pedasí, Panama and Ørsta, Norway in August and September 2014, with former cast members from MTV's The Real World, The Challenge, and Are You the One? The Final Challenge is a two-day race from a Norwegian fjord to the top of Mount Slogen. To start, each team takes a helicopter ride, then will be dropped into the water, where they will have to swim to the shore to their first checkpoint, "Kayak The Fjord." Each team must kayak their way through the fjord, where they will change into their team uniforms, then sprint to the third checkpoint, "Mind Games." Each team has 30 minutes to unscramble a five-word sentence with a pile of rocks marked with letters.(The five-word sentence is "You will respect the trolls.") The third checkpoint is "Don't Flip Your Lid," where each team has to flip a series of six cards with the Flag of Norway from the edge of a table into a series of six glasses filled with liquid fish eggs. Id trust her with roommate madison, tony receives the summer and portland.

The fifth checkpoint is a bicycle ride to the Slogen trailhead.

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After this, she started dating Zach, which also seemed to end due to cheating. When two single gardeners meet there is plenty for them to discuss as they have much in common.